Power Tools

We use tools to expand our capabilities.

We use tools to extend the reach of our senses. It is so commonplace we don’t even think about how our TV is bringing us images and sound from thousands of miles away, yet we don’t refer to our TV’s as ‘visual and hearing aids’. The earbuds from your iPhone are ‘hearing aids’ –they allow you to hear silent electronic impulses as sound that your ears could never hear without them.

It’s time to dump the emotional baggage we associate with HEARING LOSS. You never could hear everything. Your cat hears more than you ever could (humans 64-23,000Hz; cats 45-64,000Hz). Your cat has always thought you were disabled.

You don’t have eyes in the back of your head — you are meant to be prey for anything that can sneak up on you.

How many times have you needed a third hand to put something together.

We humans are all disabled compared to some other creature. . When we first enter the world we can’t feed ourselves, we can’t even hold our own heads up. Newborn baby guinea pigs run around, have a full set of teeth, and eat adult food before their fur is dry.

We are physically weaker than apes half our size.

What humans do is learn to live with our species’ handicaps—it’s called adaptation. We use technology (tools) to overcome our weakness. We use power tools to accomplish tasks we could never do with our muscles alone. Nobody thinks he’s less of a man for using power tools.  Of course he doesn’t call them ‘mechanical aids’ or refer to his ‘muscular loss’.

Hearing aids, cochlear implants, assistive listening devices (ALD’s), personal sound amplification devices (PSAP’s) are all power tools.

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