Our Story


We want to change the image and perception of hearing loss.

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We seek to change the language of hearing loss.  We are not all about what we have lost; we are about enhancing what we have – our audiability.

We seek to change the image of hearing loss by providing access to attractive, mainstream technology that boosts our ability to hear.


We want the latest in hearing  enhancement technology to be more accessible.


People with hearing loss wait an average of 7 years to augment their hearing

Hearing happens in the brain with neural pathways.  It’s ‘use them or lose’ them.  The longer you wait to provide sound stimulation to those neural pathways, the less successful you are at successful hearing later.  Your brain forgets how to hear.

Our Goals


Feature great assistive listening devices


We do our best to track down the latest and best devices to fill in the gaps in audiability


Show how to get help where it already exists


We connect you to resources: people, places, and information so you are the best authority on how to help yourself.


Guide toward effective, professional treatment


Sharing information and personal stories to help you find the right help when you need it.


The Team


Mitzi Shpak hi res

Mitzi Shpak


A Caltech biologist with decades of experience in effecting social change as a founder and executive director of an environmental justice non-profit, Mitzi has turned her dedication to the issues surrounding hearing loss.  Mitzi has progressive, autosomal dominant genetic, reverse slope audiability that manifested in mid-life.

Keiko Kamiya

Creative Director

A nutritionist who is furthering her education in the health sciences, Keiko has brought her passion and visionary talents to furthering our mission.  Keiko is a certified induction loop installer and one of the founders of ALD Source (aldsource.com) the precursor and inspiration for Hot Eerz.  Keiko has coped with diminished audiability since early childhood.

Chris Grafil

Technical Director
An IT and telecommunications specialist, Chris, is the founder of ALD Source, where he envisioned bringing the best technology, as well as providing employment and empowerment, to people with hearing loss.  Chris brings his own personal experience with audiability to Hot Eerz.


Chandra Shpak

Chandra Shpak, MBA

Director of Product Development

Chandra has over nine years of general & operational management, business development, product management, and consulting experience within the retail, service, e-commerce, & gaming sectors.




Lisa Beth Snyder

Director of Operations & Customer Service

Lisa Beth is a retired U.S. Army Public Affairs master sergeant who developed bilateral high-frequency hearing loss during her 20 years on active duty. She also inherited a dominant gene for middle-frequency hearing loss, which she has. With both bachelor and master degrees in communication/journalism, not being able to understand and talk to others has been the hardest part of hearing loss to deal with. Equipped with hearing aids that feature t-coil and a Bluetooth transmitter, sounds have become amazingly understandable and listening has become less exhausting when using connected assistive listening devices.



EPSON DSC picture

Pierre Ungaro, RN

Director of Sales

With his background in sales and entrepreneurship Pierre brings a lifetime of business experience to Hot Eerz. From his career in nursing, Pierre brings compassion and a desire to help people live the best lives possible.  His own moderate hearing loss gives him the understanding to help people cope with their hearing loss.