Pocket TAlker 2.0 headphones

Pocket Talker 2.0 Personal Amplifier


Everybody’s Talking

Now YOU can hear them.  Turn on Pocket Talker 2.0 and hear your dinner companions or colleagues in meetings more clearly. Control the volume and tone to bring voices out of the background noise. New internal T-coil picks up sound from a looped room — listen to the loop with earbuds or headphones.

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Product Description

Are you about to miss the best conversation of your life — don’t let a noisy restaurant or a meeting with others talking in the background interfere with your connection to the scene.  You can be the one to hear what others are missing.

Pick up sound with the built in internal mic or add the WCA 007 microphone extension cord and place the mic  close to the person/s you most want to hear and listen with a single tiny earbud and the Pocket Talker 2.0. It’s so stylish you wont want to hide it away — leave it on the table or wear it on the lanyard.  Stop missing critical details – get back in the conversation.  With 105 hours of battery life you can sit back and relax.

No T-coils in your hearing aids?  Been missing out on ‘looped’ venues? Pocket Talker 2.0 has an internal T-coil that picks up sound from the loop and sends it to you through headphones or earbuds.

Listen to life, to the sounds you choose, with the new Pocketalker® 2.0 personal amplifier from Williams Sound.

Designed with you in mind, the 2.0 exudes beauty and grace both inside and out. Clean lines designed for comfort and style. Cutting-edge technology clearly in tune with your life.

Personally tailor your listening experiences with the 2.0’s superior sound and unparalleled frequency range. Hear more of what you want to hear, when you want, where you want.

Amplify your life… with Pocketalker 2.0!


  • New! A more comfortable, slim, ergonomic design
  • New! internal T-coil for better hearing in ‘looped’ facilities
  • New! Improved battery life – up to 105 hours
  • New! Superior sound quality with adjustable tone control
  • New! Now rechargeable (optional charging kits available)
  • Accommodates a variety of earphone and headphone options
  • Add an optional neckloop  and hear through  your T-coil equipped hearing aids
  • Place the Mic 014 on the 12 ft. cord (both included) next to the TV speaker -great for home or hotels
  • Amplifies sound and modifies tone for better understanding

System Includes

(1) PKT 2.0 personal amplifier (includes internal microphone)
(1) EAR 042 dual stereo isolation earphones
(1) HED 024 stereo headphones
(1) MIC 014-R plug-in (no cord) microphone
(1) BAT 010-2 two AAA alkaline batteries (BAT KT7 Rechargeable Battery Kit can be purchased separately)
(1) WCA 007 WC 3.5mm male to 3.5mm female cable with mounting clips
(1) RCS 003 lanyard

All accessories can be purchased separately


4.9” L x 2.0” W x 1.0” H. (124mm x 51mm x 25mm) (Not including clip or microphone assembly)


3.1 oz. (88 grams) (with batteries)


White ABS/Polycarbonate molded plastic case.

*Battery Type:

Two 1.5V (AAA size), Alkaline* or NiMH rechargeable*

(Williams Sound BAT 010-2 Alkaline or BAT 022-2 NiMH recommended)

Battery Life:

Up to 105 hours (typical usage) with the BAT 010-2.

Low Battery Indicator: Power “On” Green light on front panel flashes.

**NiMH battery Charging:

Charging: 16 hours with BAT 022-2. Red LED blinks when charging.

End of Charge: Red LED is on solid. At end of charge, maintenance charge is provided.

NOTE: Charging requires optional charging kit BAT KT7 or BAT KT8.


Internal, omnidirectional MEMS microphone (micro-electro-mechanical system).

Optional External, omnidirectional, plug-in electret microphone with foam windscreen and 3.5mm mono plug (MIC 014-R).


Internal with on/off switch and LED indicator.

Tone Control:

External rotary control knob allows user to adjust high/low frequency to optimize hearing.

***Balance Control:

Adjusts Left/Right Volume Balance

Power/Volume Control:

External rotary volume control knob with integrated power ON-OFF switch.

Microphone Jack:

3.5 mm, stereo mini plug.

Tip=Mic signal, Ring=NC, Sleeve=Gnd.

Headphone Jack:

3.5 mm, stereo mini plug.

Tip=Left/Mono, Ring=Right, Sleeve=Gnd.

Optional Accessories:

Clip: CLP 014; Allows the user to clip MIC 014 to clothing such as a lapel or shirt pocket.

Lanyard: RCS 003; Allows user to wear unit around the neck, or as a wrist strap.

3.5mm-3.5mm Extension Cord: WCA 007 WC; extends an external microphone to 12 ft.
Stereo Earphones / Headphones / Neckloop:
EAR 042 / HED 024, HED 036 / NKL 001-S (stereo) Neckloop

Mono Earphones / Headphones / Neckloop***:
EAR 013, EAR 008, EAR 022, EAR 041 /
HED 021, HED 027 / NKL 001 (mono) Neckloop

Charging Kits: BAT KT7 (US), BAT KT8 (Intl)




5 years, parts and labor (90 days on accessories)

Electrical Specifications (1 kHz Sine Wave reference) Typical

Power output:

52 mW (max) into 32 ohms (Stereo)


Automatic Level Control; Limits maximum output level


1% THD (max)

Max gain:

63 dB at 2.5 kHz (Tone=High)

Frequency response

Tone Control at high position:

2.7dB boost at 5 kHz, 6.7dB cut at 400 Hz.

Tone Control at mid position:

0.6dB cut at 5 kHz, 2.9dB cut at 400 Hz.

Tone Control at low position:

2.0dB cut at 5 kHz, 3.0dB boost at 400 Hz.


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